5 Tips for Choosing The Right Periodontist for You

How To Choose The Right Periodontist

Selecting a trusted periodontist for you and your family can be a difficult decision.  Many factors have to be considered and with that in mind, the team at Anderson Periodontal Wellness would like to suggest the following:

Factors to consider when Selecting Your Periodontist

1.  Are they Board Certified?

Make sure your doctor is a board certified periodontist and Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology.  This way you know they know their stuff!

2.  Do you feel comfortable with the doctor and the office?

Depending on the care you require, periodontal therapy may require several steps and follow ups. Find a periodontist who gives give you the care, attention and education you deserve.   Why not feel “at home” at the periodontist?!

3.  Does the doctor offer advanced sedation options?

If you are fearful of the dentist or just want to take a snooze while seeing the periodontist, go somewhere offering dental sedation options. These options include gas, oral pill and IV sedation. If taking a snooze while taking care of your dental needs interests you, just ask!

4.  Does the office offer financing options?

Pick a periodontal office that will offer payment options to minimize your financial obligation with or without insurance so getting the care you need will be easier than you think! Also find an office willing to take care of the insurance leg work.

5.  Is the office on top of the latest technology and current with new procedures?

Newer is not always better, however, the dental field is ever changing. Having the latest technology (CBCT imaging, advanced dental materials)  is helpful in certain cases. Find a periodontist who offers state of the art equipment in case you need it!

Schedule Consultation

5 Reasons to Make an Appointment with Your Periodontist

Smile with Mirror

Scheduling regular appointments with your periodontist is important because  the periodontist will be able to identify and treat abnormalities to help achieve optimal oral health.

Let’s explore some of the important symptoms to watch for when it comes to your dental health and needing to schedule an appointment with your Periodontist:

5 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with Your Periodontist

  1. Missing Teeth (Edentulism)
  2. Mobile Teeth (Periodontal Disease)
  3. Receding Gums (Gingival Recession)
  4. Bleeding Gums
  5. Gummy Smile (Excessive Gingival Display)

This list may seem obvious.  However, there are several people living with these types of periodontal symptoms and postponing treatment can lead to more serious health conditions.

If you are experiencing one of the periodontal issues described above please contact Dr. Anderson and her staff to see how they can help you improve your oral health.  Schedule an appointment by calling (248) 480-4910 today.