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Do You Have A Gummy Smile?

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dr. lauren anderson with a crown lengthening dental patient.

Does it always feel like your smile is “all gums” in pictures? Do you think that your teeth look too short? These common concerns can affect both a person’s dental health and overall confidence. A periodontist can help diagnose the underlying causes of a patient’s gummy smile and offer sophisticated, predictable treatments such as crown lengthening in Bloomfield Hills, MI. 

Why Do People Experience Gummy Smiles?

As it may be suspected, a gummy smile can indicate that a patient has excess gum tissue around their teeth. The added gum tissue causes teeth to look smaller than they actually are. It also makes cleaning under the gums and closer to the tooth root more difficult, even for a general dentist.

Sometimes, patients with gummy smiles, as well as decay close to the tooth root, are referred to periodontists by their general dentists so the periodontist can move extra gum tissue out of the way. Getting rid of unnecessary gum tissue enables the dentist to gain access to the tooth and perform restorative treatments

The bottom line is that gummy smiles aren’t just about gums. The health and structure of the bone under a person’s gums frequently contribute to a gummy smile. For those patients, the best approach to reversing a gummy smile could involve adjusting the bone as well as the gums during a crown lengthening procedure.

What Types Of Crown Lengthening In Bloomfield Hills, MI, Are Available?

Crown lengthening generally falls into two categories: aesthetic crown lengthening and restorative crown lengthening. While the result for both procedures looks the same and brings symmetry to the appearance of a patient’s teeth, the approach and purpose of each treatment are a bit different.

Aesthetic crown lengthening is performed when patients just want their smile to look better. That is, the patient has no underlying health problems contributing to their desire to undergo crown lengthening. During aesthetic crown lengthening, the periodontist will use a minimally invasive laser tool to gently remove gum tissue and bone, if needed. The basic goal of aesthetic crown lengthening is cosmetic. Every adult with a gummy smile is a good candidate for aesthetic crown lengthening.

Restorative or “functional” crown lengthening in Bloomfield Hills, MI, happens when patients need to remove excess gum tissue for a purpose that isn’t just cosmetic. For instance, a patient’s tooth may be damaged but hard to reach because of excessive gum tissue. Using gentle lasers, the periodontist will take away enough gums and adjust any bones. Not only does this restore the look of the mouth but it makes it easier for the patient and their doctor to reach the base of the tooth.

What Do Patients With Gummy Smiles Think About Crown Lengthening In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

Crown lengthening can be performed on its own or as part of a wider treatment program. Take the case of Amanda, a patient at Anderson Periodontal Wellness. Amanda came with some nagging tooth problems that were the result of decades of dental issues.

After performing an in-depth examination of Amanda’s teeth, periodontist Dr. Lauren Anderson recommended removing two failing teeth and replacing them with dental implants. She also advised Amanda to undergo crown lengthening to create more of a symmetrical smile and keep her supportive bone as healthy as possible.

When her treatments were finished, Amanda was left with an even, beautiful, and natural smile. Yet what Amanda appreciated the most wasn’t just her reflection in the mirror. It was the self-esteem boost she got from finally working with someone who had the credentials, expertise, and reputation to fix her problems permanently.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Gummy Smile?

Whether you have lived with your gummy smile for years like Amanda or you have noticed it recently, you have options at our advanced practice. Undergoing a minimally invasive crown lengthening procedure can dramatically change your appearance. It may reduce your chances of future tooth and bone decay and damage, too.

You can get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today. Dr. Anderson can help you understand the treatment options that are right for you and your dental goals.

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