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Bone Grafting Restores Lost Bone and Provides Solid Implant Support

Bone loss in the jaw is characterized by the shrinking of bone in relation to oral disease, atrophy or lack of stimulation from tooth roots. It affects your oral health and the ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Bone loss may be caused by gum disease, trauma, or chronically missing teeth. No matter the source of bone loss, Dr. Lauren Anderson is specialty trained to regenerate lost tissue through advanced bone grafting techniques, to create a solid foundation for your dental implants and smile.

Advanced Bone Grafting Procedures Meet a Variety of Needs

Like natural teeth, implants require sufficient bone quality and quantity for support and longevity. Bone grafting replaces and regrows lost bone, and may be used in combination with other advanced techniques to optimize treatment results. We offer a number of bone grafting procedures, each designed to address varying oral needs.

Bone loss leaves indentations in the bony arch, or ridge. By adding bone tissue and growth factors to areas of loss, Dr. Anderson reestablishes proper bone height and width through bone grafting procedures. New bone integrates with existing bone over time to provide adequate support for your implants.

This bone grafting technique prepares a recent extraction site for future implant placement. Dr. Anderson adds bone tissue and regenerative components directly into open tooth sockets, filling the spaces to produce solid bone structure. This technique minimizes shrinkage of your bone to optimize implant support.

When upper molar and premolar teeth are lost, the maxillary sinus cavity may expand, shrinking available bone and impacting the ability to place implants. Through a sinus augmentation, Dr. Anderson gently elevates the floor of the sinus, adding bone underneath to increase bone height and render successful implant procedures.

With guided tissue regeneration, Dr. Anderson regenerates bone and gum tissues previously lost due to disease.  At these bone grafting sites, biocompatible barrier membranes are used to encourage the formation of normal oral anatomy.

Utilizing nutrient-rich blood plasma found in your blood, this technique accelerates the healing process following bone grafting. Growth factors within Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) stimulate the production of new tissue.

BMP Growth Factors assist in integrating new bone grafting tissue samples with existing bone. This technique enables Dr. Anderson to predictably guide new bone growth, and at a faster rate.

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A leading periodontist and Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology, Dr. Anderson has specialized expertise in bone grafting procedures.

Specialized Bone Grafting Care Delivers Exceptional Results

A leading periodontist and Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology, Dr. Anderson has specialized expertise in bone grafting procedures. She and our team ensure a high quality experience in a welcoming, stress-free environment, and offer sedation services for comfortable bone grafting procedures. We use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to take a minimally invasive approach in restoring your dental health.

Is Bone Loss Affecting Your Smile?

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