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Crown Lengthening - Bloomfield Hills, MI

Enhance Smile Esthetics and Improve Function

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Dr. Anderson Talks About Crown Lengthening - Find Your Smile, Uncover Greater Tooth Length

What Is Crown Lengthening?

A common periodontal procedure, crown lengthening removes gum and/or bone tissue to allow for a more esthetic smile or restoration of a tooth. In some cases, teeth appearing in the smile zone may appear short, or disproportionate to the amount of gum tissue present. This is also known as a “gummy smile.” For others, deep decay, fracture or damage on a tooth may prohibit proper restoration of oral function. As a board certified periodontist, Dr. Lauren Anderson provides specialized crown lengthening services to effectively address these oral concerns, restoring health and the appearance to your smile.

Functional and Esthetic Crown Lengthening Services

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Functional Crown Lengthening

Damage to a tooth below the gum line is difficult to treat and restore. Functional crown lengthening removes a small amount of gum and bone tissue, revealing a greater surface area of the tooth. This exposes the damage and allows your general dentist to properly treat the tooth. It also creates the space needed to place a crown or filling and restore function to a tooth.

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Esthetic Crown Lengthening

A type of periodontal plastic surgery, esthetic crown lengthening corrects a gummy smile by removing gum (and bone tissue) around teeth that show when you smile. This creates a better tooth-to-gum ratio, eliminating the look of short teeth and revealing a symmetrical, more balanced smile.

A Meticulous Approach to Care Delivers Exceptional Results

Dr. Anderson is renowned for her meticulous approach to periodontal care, and is the periodontist many general dentists refer their patients to for excellence in crown lengthening technique and smile results. Our crown lengthening procedures are relatively simple, and generally only take an hour to complete. Dr. Anderson and our team ensure your comfort throughout your treatment, and are pleased to provide the personalized care you need for optimal oral health.

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