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What Makes a Periodontist Different?

A periodontist is a dentist who has received a masters degree after three years of specialty training in periodontics and implantology, beyond completing four years of dental school. As a specialist, a periodontist has advanced expertise in the treatment and diagnosis of oral conditions concerning the soft tissues of the mouth, bone in the jaw and tooth replacement with dental implants. Seeing a periodontist for gum disease treatment, gum recession, bone grafting and other specialized procedures offers the highest standard of care for your smile and lifestyle.

Enjoy the Benefits of Choosing a Periodontist for Your Care

Periodontal health reaches far beyond your teeth and smile. It impacts your self-confidence, how you communicate with others, and your overall wellness and quality of life. Seeing a periodontist for gum, bone and implant needs is similar to visiting a cardiologist to treat a heart condition. As an experienced periodontist and implant surgeon, Dr. Lauren Anderson expertly blends advanced technology with proven periodontal techniques to deliver exceptional results for your smile. She and our team proudly provide personalized, patient-centered care from our welcoming periodontal practice.

An Experienced, Compassionate Periodontist, Focused on You

Dr. Anderson is distinguished among her peers for her minimally invasive treatments and approach to dentistry. She is the periodontist many general dentists and other specialists trust for excellence in periodontal and implant care for their patients. She works closely with your dental team to optimize your treatment results.

Advantages of choosing Dr. Anderson for your care include:

  • Board certified periodontist
  • Masters degree in periodontology and implant dentistry
  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Advanced training in periodontics
  • Extensive expertise and experience in implant dentistry
  • Laser dentistry procedures
  • Low-radiation CBCT imaging
  • Guided implant surgery
  • Modern, inviting practice
  • IV sedation certified
  • Published work in clinical journals
  • Clinical researcher

Is Your Periodontist Keeping Up With These Advanced Technologies?

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Dr. Anderson Discusses Advanced Surgical Technology - We Invest In You

Choosing a periodontist for specialized care offers the best possible results for your smile. Call now to reserve your personalized consultation with Dr. Anderson.

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