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Lasers Deliver Comfortable Soft Tissue Treatment

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Laser Soft Tissue Treatment Offers a Minimally Invasive Approach to Care

Laser soft tissue treatment offers high level precision technique, while improving comfort when receiving some periodontal procedures. From gummy smile treatment to lip repositioning, minimally invasive laser soft tissue treatment greatly enhances the patient experience and provides a wealth of other clinical benefits. Such benefits include faster healing, reduced bleeding, minimal incisions or sutures, and less anesthetic.

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Dr. Anderson

Talks About Soft Tissue Grafting - Our Comprehensive Approach Looks at Both Soft and Hard Tissue

We Offer a Range of Laser Soft Tissue Treatment Services

An expert in laser soft tissue treatment, Dr. Lauren Anderson uses the BIOLASE® WaterLase Express™ and Epic X™ lasers. These highly accurate lasers target specific treatment areas, cauterizing tissue, and leaving surrounding areas intact and free from collateral effects. Our laser soft tissue treatment services include:

We use this treatment to eliminate gum disease and its effects. Our laser gently vaporizes bacteria and diseased tissue while stimulating gum and bone regeneration.

Used to treat gum recession, this laser soft tissue treatment is used as a method to regenerate lost tissue in receded areas. We use our laser for preparing grafting sites for treatment and post-operatively to accelerate healing.

Functional crown lengthening utilizes the laser to remove a small amount of gum and bone tissue. This reveals a greater surface area of a tooth and allows for restoration of a damaged tooth. Esthetic crown lengthening, or “gummy smile treatment,” involves laser removal of excess gum tissue and bone to eliminate the appearance of short teeth and improve the teeth-to-gum ratio for a symmetrical and attractive smile.

This laser soft tissue treatment is used to gently reshape an uneven gum line by removing excess gum tissue, creating a balanced, attractive smile.

Dr. Anderson performs lingual and labial frenectomies to eliminate tongue- and lip-ties. This simple laser soft tissue treatment releases a tight or short frenum (muscle attachment connecting lips to the gums and tongue to floor of the mouth). A frenectomy may also be used eliminate the effect of the frenum pull at areas of gum recession.

Dr. Anderson uses our lasers to gently remove dark pigmentation on the gums, creating a more esthetically pleasing smile. Often times, this procedure can be complete with topical anesthetic.

Dr. Anderson performs this laser soft tissue treatment to alter positioning of the lip, raising or lowering the lip to create a more attractive, balanced smile. Lip repositioning allows for more or less lip exposure in the smile line, depending on cosmetic goals and functional concerns.

dr anderson with patient using non surigcal approach

Precision Laser Skill, at the Hands of an Expert

With laser soft tissue treatment, Dr. Anderson harnesses the powerful yet healing effects of laser technology to restore health, wellness and esthetics to your smile. She is highly trained and experienced in laser soft tissue treatment and periodontics, and is proud to offer this minimally invasive approach.

Our laser soft tissue treatment services offer a number of benefits to your smile!

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