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Comfortable Dental Visits Create Positive Results

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An Estimated 93 Million Americans Experience Dental Anxiety. Are You One of Them?

Dental fear and anxiety prevent many patients from getting the care they need to achieve a healthy smile. With sedation dentistry, you can experience pleasant dental visits, free from factors holding you back. Dr. Lauren Anderson and our team provide a safe, relaxed, and modern environment allowing you to feel comfortable receiving the treatment you need. Regardless the cause of your anxiety, you can experience positive dental visits with our gentle approach and relaxing sedation dentistry services.


Change Your Dental Experiences, Change Your Life

Sedation dentistry not only increases your comfort during periodontal and implant procedures but it also improves your relationship with dental care. With sedation dentistry, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Calm, stress-free visits
  • Comfortable procedures
  • Minimal-to-no memory of your treatment
  • Overcome dental fear and anxiety
  • More efficient care
  • Multiple procedures in one appointment

Calm Your Fears with Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Dr. Anderson wants you and your family to receive the periodontal and implant care you need, without the worry. She earned her certification to safely administer both oral sedation and IV conscious sedation dentistry services.

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Proud to Be Your Partner in Better Oral Health

Distinguished among her peers for her minimally invasive approach, Dr. Anderson is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal oral health in the most comfort way possible. She is proud to offer sedation dentistry services, to help you overcome dental fear and enjoy your journey to better periodontal health.


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