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Have An Uneven Gum Line? A Gingival Recontouring Procedure Could Be Right For You!

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a laser gum disease patient smiling after a procedure.

When people have an uneven gumline, they should go to a skilled and trusted periodontist for gingival recontouring in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The gingival recontouring procedure is a laser soft tissue treatment that can help patients who want to remove excess gum tissue for a more attractive and even gum line. Gingival recontouring can be performed to enhance the appearance of patients’ smiles and protect their teeth.


What Is Gingival Recontouring In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

The term gingival means gums. Accordingly, a gingival recontouring treatment involves reshaping the gum line using advanced tools, such as soft tissue dental lasers.

Why would an advanced periodontist use soft tissue dental lasers instead of more traditional cutting instruments? For one, soft tissue dental lasers gently remove and reshape excess gum tissue in a minimally invasive and comfortable way. Another benefit of getting treated with soft tissue dental lasers, is their ability to dependably correct gum tissue every time. This means patients get the reliable smile outcomes they need and deserve.

A final advantage of soft tissue dental lasers for gingival recontouring, is faster patient healing time. Because the gums are not being cut, the amount of time needed for healing is reduced. Patients love knowing that they can return to their normal lives and activities immediately — and with improved and evenly distributed gums!


What Are Other Important Considerations To Know About Gingival Recontouring In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

When people go to a periodontist for their gingival contouring procedure, they should understand how it works a little better. Below are some points to keep in mind about the gingival recontouring treatment:

A Corrective Or Cosmetic Procedure:

Gingival recontouring can be considered as either a necessary or cosmetic treatment. For instance, when people have an uneven gumline, their periodontist may recommend them getting treated with gingival recontouring to correct their smile.

Advanced Technologies Are Used For A More Accurate Procedure Experience:

Gingival recontouring with soft tissue dental lasers means a quicker procedure experience and a more rapid healing period.

It Makes It Easier To Maintain Oral Hygiene:

Gingival recontouring can make it easier for patients to keep their teeth and gums clean, particularly if excess gums are impeding on them properly brushing and flossing their teeth.


Contact Our Experienced Periodontist To Schedule A Gingival Recontouring Consultation

As with all types of dental treatments, gingival recontouring is best handled by a trained professional with years of experience. At the Anderson Periodontal Wellness office, Dr. Lauren Anderson regularly performs gingival recontouring and related periodontal treatments.

To arrange your gingival recontouring consultation, you should come to our advanced and compassionate office. Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson and her experienced team at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today! A more balanced, beautiful, and healthy smile may be simpler to achieve than you realized through the reshaping of your gumline with a gingival recontouring procedure.

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