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Interested In Learning How The Fotona Dental Laser In Bloomfield Hills, MI, Can Be Used In Your Procedures? Here Is How!

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female doctor holding a dental laser

By going to a knowledgeable and advanced periodontist’s practice, patients can receive treatment from the latest dental techniques and technologies. Specifically, patients can receive treatment from the proven and reliable Fotona dental laser in Bloomfield Hills, MI.


Interested to learn in more detail about how the Fotona dental laser is used for patient’s procedures? Continue reading to learn more information about how the state-of-the-art Fotona dental laser is used for patient’s procedures.

How The Fotona Dental Laser In Bloomfield Hills, MI Can Be Used For Your Procedures

Dental lasers are lasers that have been specially created to produce desired patient experiences and outcomes, typically achieved through the use of more traditional cutting instruments. Lasers work by sending regulated and precision-directed pulses of energy to specific areas of soft or hard tissue.


The frequency of the pulses allows the periodontist to more rapidly — and comfortably —  remove diseased tissue, smooth hard tissue surfaces, eradicate bacteria, and perform many other dental services. Although there are many types of dental lasers, the Fotona dental laser stands out. Not only is Fotona a well-respected leader in innovative dentistry and medical laser solutions, its dental lasers also offer top-notch advantages.


The Fotona company also offers extensive training to all dental providers, like Dr. Lauren Anderson, who choose to upgrade their practices with its laser products.

How I Will Benefit From Fotona Dental Lasers

Fotona dental lasers are created to provide patients with the best possible laser dentistry experiences on the market. These superior experiences are achieved because Fontona dental lasers:


  • Have two pulse wavelengths, where each wavelength is suitable for specific procedures.
  • Used for gum disease therapy, peri-implantitis, and dental implant placements.
  • Cause little to no bleeding and less oral trauma.
  • Encourage immediate healing after procedures.
  • Leaves a disinfected site behind.
  • Limits the need for patients to be administered sedation dentistry options.

Learn More With Dr. Anderson About The Fontona Dental Laser

When you are ready to improve your oral health and smile with laser dentistry, for gum disease procedures or replacing one or more of your missing teeth with dental implants, then you should come to our dedicated and caring practice. Dr. Lauren Anderson is constantly improving the practice with cutting edge technologies and progressive techniques that will enhance your procedure experience and outcomes.


Dr. Anderson is passionate about improving your oral health and wellness through minimally invasive care. Why wait to improve the function and health of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson and our exceptional team at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness practice to schedule an appointment today!

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