Tongue Release (Frenuloplasty) Bloomfield Hills, MI

Tongue Release (Frenuloplasty)

Ankyloglossia tongue tie patient

Ankyloglossia or “tongue tie” is a condition of altered tongue mobility due to restrictive tissues at the midline between the undersurface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. A short lingual frenum or “attachment” is correlated with underdeveloped maxillary (upper jaw) width and is a risk factor for both pediatric and adult obstructive sleep apnea.

Above, are three of our pediatric patients (ages 4-7 years old) who presented with severe restrictions leading to speech, swallowing and breathing problems. Our myofunctional therapist Keisha Nolan, worked with these patients for 4-6 weeks prior to the tongue release with Dr. Anderson and followed up with exercises to teach the tongue how to function post release.  As they continue to grow into adults, their tongue will now be able to guide the growth of their facial bones and minimize problems associated with “tongue ties”.

Dr. Anderson and Mrs. Nolan work together to correct the form and function of the tongue to reach the best results. If you or your family has problems with speech, swallowing, snoring or has breathing problems, Dr. Anderson can diagnose and guide you through corrective treatment.