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What Is A Periodontal Semilunar Technique?

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a dental patient showing off the results of gum recession.

Gum recession isn’t just a cosmetic issue that makes a person’s teeth more sensitive or their smile look “long.” When a person’s gums don’t perform their protective function, they may be at higher risk of experiencing correlating health issues such as tooth decay or jawbone deterioration. Gum recession treatment in Bloomfield Hills, MI can be a permanent restorative solution.


Basic Information About Gum Recession Treatment In Bloomfield Hills, MI

Gums can start to recede or thin for many reasons. In some cases, people might have receding gums due to a hereditary condition that’s been passed down for generations. It’s not uncommon for patients with gum recession to tell periodontists that their parents or siblings have the same issue. In other cases, a person’s gums may have begun to recede due to aggressive brushing or gum disease.

A periodontist like Dr. Lauren Anderson has the training and experience to find out why a patients gum recession has happened. That way, she can help them understand how to address the root cause if necessary. For instance, a patient might have to undergo gum disease treatment before they can fix their gums.

After determining why a patient’s gums are receding, the periodontist will present the patient with the best possible option for treating their gum recession. One method that works for many patients is a gum recession treatment protocol called a periodontal semilunar technique.


All About The Periodontal Semilunar Technique For Solving Receding Gums

The periodontal semilunar technique works well when patients have abundant gum tissue directly above or below the site of their recession. During the periodontal semilunar technique, the periodontist will make a semi-circular incision at the site of the abundant tissue. This incision creates a flap of gum tissue that can be moved gently to cover the thinner area of gum.

After manipulating the gums into a more proper, preferred position, the periodontist will suture the tissues in place. Within a few weeks, patients usually report excellent results after undergoing the periodontal semilunar technique process.


Benefits Of The Periodontal Semilunar Technique

Candidates for the periodontal semilunar technique will appreciate hearing about some of the many advantages of this procedure.

Cosmetically Appealing:

This gum recession treatment produces predictable, aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Single Surgical Site:

Because adjacent gums are shifted over the gum recession site, there is no need for a secondary tissue grafting site in the mouth.

Dependable Results:

Many case studies have been done on the periodontal semilunar technique and have shown tremendous results. They also have shown that this technique has stability over time.

Fewer Surgical Appointments:

Patients with a few areas of recession may be able to maximize the efficiency of gum recession treatment appointments by undergoing several periodontal semilunar technique procedures during one visit.


Should You Consider Gum Recession Treatment In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

If your gums are receding or thinning, you have numerous treatment choices. Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson at her Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today. A beautiful, healthier smile may be closer than you think!

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