Airway Periodontics: Maxillary Skeletal Expansion (MSE) Bloomfield Hills, MI

Airway Periodontics: Maxillary Skeletal Expansion (MSE)


Meet our patient TP (51 year old female). She presented to our office reporting excessive fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and breathing problems related to physical exertion.

One way to improve oropharynx (throat) and nasopharynx (nose) patency (airflow) is to expand the upper jaw and increase the airway space. Dr. Anderson placed an orthodontic expander with 4 temporary implants in the palate and with the help of TP turning the appliance twice a day, the upper jaw opened over a 2 week period to allow better breathing and function.

The orthodontist, Dr. Maureen Kuhta will now straighten the teeth with Invisalign and close the diastema (gap) while maintaining the new arch width. TP reports noticeable gains from baseline and is breathing better!

Please see above for TP before treatment and after the midline opening.  If you have breathing issues, Dr. Anderson can evaluate by visual examination and cone beam technology to determine if you may benefit from this treatment.