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Are You Looking For A Periodontist Who Treats Gum Disease With Ozone Therapy In Michigan?

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a close up picture of a patient lifting up her upper lip to show the periodontist where her gum disease is so it can be treated with ozone therapy

Many people are searching for more holistic and biocompatible ways to treat common dental conditions. As it can be imagined, this trend towards holistic dental medicine has opened the door for periodontists to offer a plethora of natural treatments, not the least of which is ozone therapy in Michigan. For those who have gum disease, they should go to a trusted periodontist to learn more about how ozone therapy can help them.


How Does Ozone Therapy In Michigan Work?

How does a knowledgeable periodontist treat gum disease with ozone therapy? In order to understand how ozone therapy works, it should first be known what ozone therapy is. Ozone has a particularly unique molecular structure in that it consists of three bonded oxygen molecules. Often, ozone is abbreviated as O3 for this very reason.

Periodontists particularly like to use ozone for its ability to fight against the bacteria that cause gum disease. It does this by acting as a natural disinfectant. When ozone, used for ozone therapy, is introduced in safe amounts at the site of the infection at the gum line, the ozone neutralizes the bacteria it encounters without affecting the gums, teeth, and bone. The result is a cleaner, healthier mouth.

How Is Ozone Therapy Effectively Performed By A Periodontist?

When performed by a well-trained periodontist, ozone therapy can be quite effective in treating and managing gum disease. Plus, it remains one of the most trusted holistic ways to ensure that gum disease does not progress.

When a periodontist treats gum disease with ozone therapy, it is effective in the following ways:

  • Reliably targets harmful bacteria in and around the periodontal pockets
  • Patients are less likely to develop systemic conditions caused by untreated gum disease
  • Preserves jawbone strength
  • It lessens the likelihood of patients losing their teeth to gum disease
  • Possibility of experiencing gum disease-related gum recession is lessoned
  • It rarely causes any kind of side effects, like tooth sensitivity.


Meet With Our Caring Periodontist For Your Ozone Therapy Procedure

If you are looking to get your gum disease treated by a periodontist you can trust, then look no further than Dr. Lauren Anderson, the founder of Anderson Periodontal Wellness. You can check out the Press Release on Dr. Andersons ozone therapy procedure to find out more about how this amazing procedure can help you.

Throughout Dr. Anderson’s impressive career, she has continued to seek out the most minimally invasive, efficient, and dependable treatments and protocols to bring to her patients. In addition to ozone therapy, she leverages many other holistic solutions that include the placement of zirconia dental implants.

To set up an appointment to talk about treating your known or suspected gum disease holistically, you should come to our office. Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson and our quality team at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today!

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