Can “Gum Grafting” Help Out With Sensitive Roots? Bloomfield Hills, MI

Can “Gum Grafting” Help Out With Sensitive Roots?

Pre/Post Gum Graft

Meet M.P. who sought out treatment with our periodontist Dr. Lauren Anderson to help address his sensitive roots as seen in the before photo. The “yellow” or cementum root showing can be sensitive to temperature change (both hot and cold), tactile (brushing or a professional cleaning), or to sugar (glucose).  Although not all roots that are exposed are sensitive, the patients who seek gum regeneration can eliminate or greatly reduce sensitivity with minimally invasive techniques.  Gingival grafting aims to regenerate lost gum tissue, restore gum thickness and return to a more anatomical or “normal” tissue contour. As a result, roots are covered and protected from the above mentioned traumatic stimuli.


Specific to this case, M.P. had a minimally invasive tunneling procedure with an allograft product. This means the grafting material was not harvested from the palate but was rather custom ordered for his case and adapted to his unique anatomy. After two sterile water baths, the sterile collagen (type 1 and 3) is inserted under the gum and pulled down to cover his roots. Results seen above are at 3 months post grafting. MP, his general dentist and Dr. Anderson couldn’t be happier with his results.  MP no longer has cold sensitivity and is pleased with his healthier and more youthful appearance!


To learn if you are a candidate for allograft tunneling procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lauren Anderson at Anderson Periodontal Wellness (248) 480-4910 to learn more. Our board certified periodontist Dr. Anderson performs gum and bone grafting, dental implants, periodontal therapy, laser treatment and many other periodontal specialty procedures to patients in the greater Detroit area and looks forward to meeting with you!