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Case Study: I Had Difficulty Showing My Smile

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dr. anderson with a dental patient, matt, discussing his extractions and implant placement.

When thinking back to childhood, many people have gone through their share of bumps and “Whoops!” moments that probably added a few gray hairs to their parents’ heads! However, for one Anderson Periodontal Wellness patient, the physical results of a childhood accident followed him through part of his adult life—and left him uncomfortable with his smile.

Matt’s story of dental problems started when he fell off his bike during his younger years. His fall resulted in two broken front teeth. As Matt grew, he tried some temporary restorative solutions but never felt comfortable with the way he looked when he showed his teeth.

By his mid-30s, Matt discovered, with the help of his dentist and endodontist, that the situation with his teeth had deteriorated. He was experiencing pain and needed to find a lasting treatment. It was then that he decided to arrange an appointment to meet with periodontist Dr. Lauren Anderson due to her exceptional reputation in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Dr. Anderson’s Solution: Technologically Sound And Ultimately Life-Changing

When Dr. Anderson first met Matt, she examined his case carefully. After evaluating his case, she recommended that he receive two dental implants as permanent replacements for his failing front teeth in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The overall treatment process involved two steps: extracting the existing teeth and placing the implants.

About Matt’s Tooth Extractions

Teeth extractions need to be carefully planned and performed, particularly in situations like Matt’s. Remember that Matt was dealing with years of damage as well as an infection. Yet with Dr. Anderson’s skills and knowledge, she was able to successfully remove his failed teeth to prepare the site for two dental implants.


About Matt’s Implant Placement

To ensure that Matt’s implants would be as stable as possible, Dr. Anderson strategically staggered them. This decision has allowed Matt to have an implant for each failed tooth. The results are beautiful and natural-looking. Best of all, he can show off his smile without wondering what people think of his teeth.


What Makes Anderson Periodontal Wellness So Unique?

Matt’s story is not just about a patient who worked with a periodontist to repair his teeth. It is about an exceptional healthcare experience that everyone deserves.

At Anderson Periodontal Wellness, trust is just as important as technique. From the moment Dr. Anderson meets with a patient, she acts with genuine compassion and concern. From Matt’s point of view, he was treated like a friend.

If you are unhappy with your dental situation, consider getting in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today!

Whether you want to discuss dental implants like Matt received or need gum disease treatment, we can expertly help you in Bloomfield Hills, MI. You will always get the friendliest, warmest care possible from a team of professionals devoted to bringing you the newest, most technologically driven periodontal solutions.

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