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Dental Implants Bring Your Smile Back

Nothing spoils a smile like missing or severely decayed teeth. These can cause physical pain, social embarrassment, and difficulty with common activities like eating and speaking. If you’re looking to regain a healthy, eye-catching smile, dental implants in Troy, MI may be the solution for you. Consisting of just three parts—a durable titanium post that’s anchored in your jaw to support a shiny, sturdy dental crown, and a connecting piece, implants look, feel, and perform just like your natural teeth. What’s more, they’re custom-fitted to you and with regular care can last a lifetime. There’s no better way to get your smile back!

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Reclaim A Complete Smile With Full Arch Dental Implants

Even if all your teeth need to be replaced, dental implants provide the answer. Our team can create and restore full arch dental implants for you, transforming your mouth from toothless to flawless. These have the same components—and the same benefits—that individual implants do. However, while single implants require one post each to be surgically inserted into your jaw, an entire arch of new teeth can be supported by as few as four posts. We provide IV sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout this and other dental implant procedures.

Implants Suited To Your Needs And Goals

A revolutionary solution using BioHorizons® dental implants, TeethXpress relies on a series of four to six implants, placed at precise locations within the jawbone. A new or existing denture is then adapted for a precision fit.

With the same-day SmartFix Concept, we purposefully angle and place four to six ASTRA TECH implants within the jawbone, to which a full arch prosthesis is permanently attached. SmartFix full arch dental implants may be ideal in cases of bone loss, since the unique angulation of implants increases bone-to-implant interface.

Overdentures combine the strategic placement of two or more dental implants with the convenience of full or partial removable dentures. This connection with implants provides heightened stability and denture retention, improving biting force and ability while eliminating denture slippage and other concerns. Conus® attachments provide an option that feels permanent but can be removed for cleaning and maintenance of implants.

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Dental Implants Work Wonders

If you’ve lost a tooth, but aren’t ready to commit to a dental implant, then a dental bridge is your next best option. Dental bridges are a series of dental crowns that span the gap left after a tooth is lost or extracted. To ensure a comfortable and seamless fit, we first take impressions of the area. These will be used by experienced technicians at our partner dental lab who will hand-craft your restoration. Your dental bridge will be made from high-quality materials and color-matched to look natural alongside your existing teeth. The benefits of dental bridges include:

Ready To Have Your Full Smile Back?

Acclaimed for her highly detailed, minimally invasive methods, Dr. Anderson serves the Troy, MI area using only the very latest technology to ensure optimal outcomes. CBCT 3D imaging and guided implant surgery tools enable her to precisely plan and place dental implants into your jaw, while IV sedation keeps you pain- and stress-free during the procedure. An accomplished periodontist who earned her credentials at the prestigious University of Michigan, Dr. Anderson has advanced training in implantology techniques, and uses the most current evidenced-based research to deliver outstanding results for all of her patients.

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