Immediate Implant Placement with Immediate Temporization: “Tooth in a Day” Bloomfield Hills, MI

Immediate Implant Placement with Immediate Temporization: “Tooth in a Day”

Meet our patient DN who presented with an abscessed (infected) #8 (upper right central incisor). It was very important for DN that she left the surgical implant placement surgery “looking the same as when [she] walked in”. Not all patients are candidates for extraction, implant placement and temporary tooth fixation in one appointment, however DN was a great candidate. Dr. Anderson extracted the tooth, addressed the infection so that implant placement was feasible and fabricated a chair-side temporary that mimicked her original tooth DN was accustomed to.

For this sequence to be viable, DN was very careful as to not “load” or use the tooth during the 3 month healing period. DN was pleased that her friends and family could not notice she had periodontal surgery and that the tooth looked “just like the old one”. DN will wear this initial temporary for 3 months prior to receiving the final implant crown with her general dentist.

the implant placement procedure

Reference above for initial, extraction, implant and temporary placement photos. These photos are taken at one appointment, showing the discussed steps. Note the shape of the temporary directly dictates the response and support of the gum.

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