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In What Ways Does Ozone Therapy In Bloomfield Hills, MI, Help My Smile?

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an older couple outside smiling because their gum disease was treated with ozone therapy.

The quality and health of peoples smile cans begin to wane over time because of common dental conditions, including gum disease. In fact, gum disease is one of the main reasons why people will go to periodontists. There are many reasons why people will choose to receive ozone therapy in Bloomfield Hills, MI for their gum disease.

Ozone therapy gives patients a safe and holistic way to treat their oral infections, disinfect the affected areas of their mouth, and make them heal faster. It is fast becoming a requested type of treatment method among periodontal patients. Continue reading to learn how ozone therapy helps patients’ smiles.


How Does Ozone Therapy In Bloomfield Hills, MI Work?

Ozone consists of three oxygen molecules, giving it natural antimicrobial and immuno-stimulating properties. When applied as a gas or liquid to human tissues, ozone instantly begins fighting and destroying unwanted bacteria. Its disinfectant capabilities work rapidly and leave behind cleaner, healthier gums, teeth, and bone.

What Are The Benefits Of Receiving Ozone Therapy For Gum Disease?

Since the toxins associated with gum disease can rapidly break down oral structures and cause serious smile problems, people will always want to get a diagnosis and treatment promptly. Although there are many ways to address gum disease, ozone therapy offers some distinct advantages. The following are the specific benefits that come with using ozone therapy to address gum disease:

All-Natural Treatment:

Ozone is a naturally occurring element, making it a preferred choice for patients seeking more biocompatible treatment options.


When applied by a trained periodontist, ozone therapy reliably gets rid of bacteria without the need for additional procedures.

Limited Side Effects:

Most people who receive ozone therapy in Bloomfield Hills, MI, don’t have any negative side effects, like tooth sensitivity.

Why Should A Periodontist Help My Smile With Ozone Therapy?

It only makes sense for people to go to a highly skilled periodontist if they have gum disease symptoms like bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, red gums, and gum inflammation. A quality periodontist can use trusted ozone therapy to treat their gum disease with.

Gum disease is not reversible with at-home remedies. Even when people brush, floss, and use a rinse twice a day, they cannot destroy the bacteria causing the gum disease without going to a trained periodontist.


Learn More With Dr. Anderson About Ozone Therapy In Bloomfield Hills, MI

Looking for a periodontist who can use ozone therapy for gum disease with ozone therapy? Our periodontist, Dr. Lauren Anderson, can treat gum disease efficiently and effectively. Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson and our exceptional team at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today!

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