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Is Your Periodontist Keeping Up With These Advanced Technologies?

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Dr. Anderson's Advanced Technology, Such As A CBCT Scanner

Many amazing and exciting technologies are revolutionizing the world of dentistry and periodontics. Each of these advancements is aimed at making patients more comfortable during treatments and improving their outcomes.

Is your periodontist keeping up with the newest techniques or investing in the latest tools, though? One way to know is asking if your periodontist has put the following technologies to work to give you the best possible experience.

CBCT Scanning

CBCT is shorthand for “cone beam computed tomography,” which produces a very detailed x-ray. CBCT scans can be invaluable diagnostics for a periodontist because they provide a true 3D representation of the mouth. Traditional dental x-rays show less clarity than CBCT scans because they do not pick up as many details. However, traditional x-rays can be useful as companions to a CBCT scan.

A CBCT scan takes very little time to produce an extremely clear image in a digital form. The image can be projected onto any screen for evaluation. Leading-edge periodontists rely on CBCT scans to give clarity regarding the placement of all types of dental implants, dive deeper into potential trouble spots, plan for tooth extractions or other surgeries, evaluate the unique structure of a person’s mouth, diagnose conditions, and much more.



Did you realize that world-class periodontists have embraced the use of minimally invasive lasers? Dental lasers like the BIOLASE® WaterLase Express™ and Epic X™ can remove the need for scalpels and sutures during gum disease treatments. They work quickly and accurately to remove damaged gum tissue, tooth, and bone, leaving behind healthier structures.

A huge benefit of dental lasers is their ability to remove unwanted tissues and seal the area simultaneously. This leads to less mouth trauma and encourages the affected spaces to heal predictably. Periodontists who use dental lasers like those manufactured by BIOLASE®, a trusted name in dentistry, undergo extra training to develop the expertise they need to accurately apply lasers in their practices.


3D Digital Impressions

Years ago, periodontists who needed an impression of your teeth and bite had one choice. They would ask you to sit still and hold special trays in your mouth. The trays were filled with a “goop” that may have tasted unpleasant or even caused you to gag. Most patients would rather never go through that unpleasantness again which is why many partner with an advanced periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI, that offers 3D digital impressions.

A 3D digital impression can be taken in just a few minutes using a small, hand-held oral scanner. The scanner is moved smoothly and consistently throughout the patient’s mouth. As it travels, it captures pictures and transforms them into a digital 3D image. The resulting images can be manipulated on-screen and used for evaluation and treatment planning. All without trays and mess!


LED Therapy

Have you ever felt like you wish you could relax more while getting periodontal treatments? Some periodontists are investing in LED light therapy equipment. LED lights have been shown to improve circulation, decrease discomfort, and even improve wound healing. This can lower your anxiety while giving your health a boost in the process.

If you want to continue your LED therapy when you leave the office, your periodontist may be able to help. Ask about at-home LED equipment that you can put to use anytime for the same great responses.


Biomodulation Handpieces

Though the term “bio modulation handpiece” may sound complicated, it produces simple and predictable results. A bio modulation handpiece works by emitting diodes to a specific area of the mouth. When properly applied, biomodulation can stimulate wound healing and expedite tissue growth at wound sites.

Many studies have been conducted on the efficacy of diodes and biomodulation handpieces. The collective results point to the value of these tools to give patients the extra boost their bodies need to recover from lots of different treatments.


Switch to a Periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Who Leans Into Technology!

Not every periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI, has chosen to adopt the newest technological advancements. If you are looking for a dental professional who does, we invite you to set up an appointment with periodontist Dr. Lauren Anderson at our office in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Dr. Anderson has devoted her career to bringing top-line solutions to her patients to maximize their experiences whether they are receiving dental implants or undergoing gum disease therapies. Call our team at (248) 480-4910 to schedule your first appointment today!

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