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What Affects The Cost Of Dental Implants In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

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full mouth dental implants being molded milled and painted.

It can be hard to find an exact figure online when you search for dental implant cost in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The reason is simple: Every dental implant treatment plan involves considerations that are specific to your case. This means that it can be hard to come up with an off-the-shelf number representing your anticipated dental implant cost, especially before you see a doctor for an evaluation.

What factors go into coming up with a final price for your dental implants? Below are some of the variables that can affect your total investment.


Factor #1: The State Of Your Existing Teeth

Dental implants can be useful for replacing one tooth, a few teeth, or a full arch of teeth. If your teeth are already missing, your doctor will not need to extract them. However, if you have failing teeth that should be removed, the extraction cost will be wrapped into your final dental implant cost.


Factor #2: How Many Dental Implants You Need

You may only need a single dental implant to secure and stabilize an implant or implant-supported bridge. Or, you may need multiple dental implants to serve as anchors for an implant-supported overdenture or full arch dental implant prosthesis. The number of dental implants you require to make your treatment a success will change the overall price.


Factor #3: Your Bone Health

Dental implants fuse with the surrounding bone. This gives them maximum stabilizing force and enables you to restore around 98-99% of your natural biting and chewing ability. When you have lost bone strength, you may need to undergo a bone grafting procedure before receiving your dental implants. Bone grafting can be done at a doctor’s office, which makes it convenient for you. It will change your dental implant cost depending on the extent of your bone loss and how many dental implants you require.


Factor #4: The Dental Implant Treatment You Choose

One of the most exciting aspects of dental implant treatments is that they can be individualized to meet your needs. For instance, some patients prefer to restore their smiles with implant-supported dentures whereas other people want full arch dental implants. Each treatment involves different materials and protocols, meaning one treatment may cost more or less than another. A doctor can explain the differences during your initial consultation.


Factor #5: Other Treatments Specialized For You

Your treatment will be designed to give you the best outcomes possible based on your health history, goals, and other considerations. These treatments may require that the doctor modify your anticipated dental implant cost.


Find Out Your Potential Dental Implant Cost In Bloomfield Hills, MI

Getting dental implants can change your life forever. They are a lifetime investment. To find out how much you may spend on dental implant cost in Bloomfield Hills, MI, book a consultation with Dr. Lauren Anderson at Anderson Periodontal Wellness. Dr. Anderson is a leading regional dental implant specialist with years of expertise in the area of implant procedures, technologies, and other advancements. Dr. Anderson and our team will help you understand any dental implant cost associated with your care, as well as introduce you to financing options. Call our office at (248) 480-4910.

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