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What Are My Full Mouth Dental Implant Options In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

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a dental patient in bloomfield hills, MI being scanned to decide on full mouth dental implant options.

Experiencing failing teeth? Tired of trying to fix dental problems that never seem to go away? There are many patients who can benefit from opting for full mouth dental implants in Bloomfield Hills, MI. 

Full mouth dental implants are the most trusted way to replace a patient’s natural teeth. With full mouth dental implants, patients can regain their ability to chew, eat, and speak articulately. Patients can also gain a new-found sense of confidence in their smile.

For those who have heard about full mouth dental implants before but are unsure of which types might be right for them, they should consider talking with a reputable, well-trained doctor about any of the following three options.


Implant Supported Overdentures

It is common for people’s dentures to slip and slide. Dentures can be a good temporary solution if a patient has a full arch of missing teeth. Long-term, they can be less appealing. Not only do they tend to lose their grip, but they need to be adjusted as rampant bone loss changes a person’s gum line. Plus, many conventional dentures look less life-like than many would prefer.

A full mouth dental implant overdenture offers a step-up from traditional dentures. An overdenture is a prosthetic that attaches securely to several surgically placed dental implants. For instance, Conus® attachments enable the customized denture to remain in place. However, the denture can be removed for cleaning and maintenance when needed.


Full Mouth Dental Implants

For a more permanent solution than an overdenture, full mouth dental implants like TeethXpress may be perfect for some patients’ situations and goals. The TeethXpress system involves surgical placement of four to six dental implants by a trained doctor. The precise location of each implant can be determined with the help of high-tech imagery and tools such as a powerful, dependable cone beam CT scanner.

With TeethXpress, patients never have to remove their new smile. Full mouth dental implants are some of the most valuable investments patients can make in their oral health. Patients can regain most of their dental function, be able to eat anything they want, feel better about themselves, and stop paying for constant treatments related to failing teeth and jawbone.


Full Mouth Dental Implants For Patients With Bone Loss

For those who have lost a lot of bone loss in their jaw, they may have been told that full mouth dental implants were not right for them. However, one type of full mouth dental implant treatment in Bloomfield Hills, MI is ideal for those with widespread bone loss: The SmartFix Concept.

What makes the SmartFix Concept unique is that the dental implant shape, size, and placement are well-suited for patients with bone loss. This means that patients may not need to undergo bone grafting or other treatments prior to receiving SmartFix Concept full mouth dental implants. Like TeethXpress, the SmartFix Concept solution includes a permanent set of prosthetic teeth personally made for every individual.


Find Out Your Candidacy For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Bloomfield Hills, MI

There is no need to wait any longer to resolve your dental issues. To find out if you are a candidate for full mouth dental implants in Bloomfield Hills, MI, get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today! Dr. Lauren Anderson is renowned for her work and focuses on finding the most reliable, technologically sound dental implant technique for each patient’s case.

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