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What Is A Periodontal Lateral Pedicle Flap Procedure?

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Dental Patient Smiling After Getting Gum Recession Treatment

Gum recession may seem like a cosmetic problem but it can lead to serious oral health concerns if left untreated. When your gums pull away from their naturally protective position, they can expose teeth roots and even bone. Over time, this constant exposure can lead to the breakdown of bone and the loss of teeth. This is why it is essential to bring any concerns about gum recession in Bloomfield Hills, MI to a trained periodontist.

A periodontist has the skill and experience to examine your mouth and make recommendations based on your case and history. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, periodontists have many types of gum recession treatments to choose from, including the safe, effective periodontal lateral pedicle flap procedure.


Restoring Gums: The Lateral Pedicle Flap Procedure

The lateral pedicle flap procedure is an in-office treatment that is both fast and convenient. During the procedure, a periodontist will “borrow” some abundant, existing gum tissue from your mouth to cover the site of recession. Since the borrowed tissue is located next to the receding gums, it does not have to be fully removed. Instead, a flap of the tissue is simply cut and rotated to create a new gum line.

What can you expect during a lateral pedicle flap procedure? After the periodontist prepares the site, she will make small incisions along the affected gums and the adjacent gums. A flap from the adjacent gums is sectioned off and moved to cover the unwanted gaps. The periodontist sutures the tissues in place and covers them to promote reattachment and quicker healing. In a week, the covering is removed.

When performed by a periodontist with expertise in treating gum recession in Bloomfield Hills, MI, a lateral pedicle flap procedure carries very few risk factors.


What Are the Advantages to Treating Gum Recession in Bloomfield Hills, MI With a Lateral Pedicle Flap?

A few of the benefits to the lateral pedicle flap procedure include:

  • The periodontist will only work on one site in your mouth rather than needing to move donor tissue from one location to another.
  • You can fix your gum recession permanently and get a younger-looking, healthier smile right away.
  • You can project your tooth root and bone to avoid issues later like a higher risk of gum disease development or tooth loss.


Am I a Candidate for a Lateral Pedicle Flap Procedure?

To be considered for lateral pedicle flap procedure treatment, you must have sufficient gum tissue next to the site of your gum recession. You should also have a limited area of gum recession rather than a widespread one. If your receding gums are extensive or you have other untreated or unmanaged oral conditions, a periodontist may suggest a different way to treat your gum recession.

Want to learn more about the lateral pedicle flap procedure? You can call our office in Bloomfield Hills, MI at (248) 480-4910 to set up an appointment with periodontist Dr. Lauren Anderson.

Dr. Anderson has received many awards throughout her career and focuses her practice on providing patients with individualized care based on their unique needs. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about your gum recession and to share the five technologically advanced treatments she offers, including the lateral flap procedure.

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