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What Is The Importance Of Dental Implants After A Tooth Extraction In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

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dr. lauren anderson with a dental implant patient in bloomfield hills, michigan.

Ideally, everyone would be able to keep their natural adult teeth for life. However, sometimes teeth become unsalvageable and need to be professionally extracted. This results in more than just a physical gap in the smile.

When a missing tooth is not replaced permanently with a dental implant, everything from gum health to jawbone density can be adversely affected. For this reason, getting dental implants in Bloomfield Hills, MI, after a tooth extraction is always recommended.


Why Is A Dental Implant Necessary After Losing A Tooth?

The mouth is an amazing part of the broader body system. Like all systems, it is designed to work best when all its parts are intact. When a tooth is extracted, the loss can be seen and felt. Below are just two of the ways that a missing tooth can affect a patient’s oral and systemic health.

Bone Is Not Stimulated, Causing It To Weaken:

The tooth root plays a critical role in encouraging the living jawbone to stay strong. When the root is no longer in its place, the surrounding bone goes through a process called reabsorption. This is why the gumline and jaw around a missing tooth or missing teeth may begin to look like it is “shrinking.” Weakening of the jawbone can become a serious problem and cause other teeth to become loose.

Teeth May Begin To Shift:

Teeth keep each other in alignment. As soon as a tooth is extracted, the teeth around it may start to move. This kind of shifting and drifting can cause crowding. Though this may seem like a mostly aesthetic concern, it is a practical one as well. When teeth move out of alignment, they can be much harder to keep clean. Plus, the gums may not be able to effectively protect the teeth and ward off the development of gum disease.

The good news is that receiving dental implants after a tooth extraction can help eliminate worries about bone loss and poor oral health.


How A Dental Implant In Bloomfield Hills, MI, Works

A dental implant is designed to completely replace a missing tooth from root to crown. Rather than just filling in the visible gap above the gumline, the dental implant is surgically implanted into the jaw. The body treats the dental implant as a surrogate for the extracted tooth.

How soon can a dental implant be placed after a tooth extraction? Some highly skilled doctors offer “immediate implants”. This type of dental implant is placed during the tooth extraction appointment. Not only does an immediate dental implant offer the quickest way to replace a failing natural tooth, but it eliminates the need for the patient to return for a second surgical visit.

When an immediate implant is not the best course of action, patients can still work with their doctors to make sure the tooth extraction site is ready to accept a future dental implant. After the extraction, the doctor will engage in socket preservation strategies including adding bone and tissue regenerative factors into the empty socket. This holds the site until the patient can return for their dental implant surgery.


We Can Extract Your Tooth Before Your Dental Implant Surgery

It can be difficult to know if a tooth can be saved or not. Even obviously damaged and decayed teeth can sometimes be salvageable. Even if teeth need to be extracted, they can be replaced for life with a dental implant. If you have any tooth issues, then you should consider getting the dental implant procedure.

Leading periodontist Dr. Lauren Anderson can expertly treat patients who may need tooth extractions and dental implant placements. Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today! Together, you and Dr. Anderson can decide on the best course of action to protect and preserve your dental health.

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