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What Is The SmartFix® Treatment In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

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dr lauren anderson working on a smartfix dental implant patient.

Everyone deserves to have a healthy smile that makes them feel and look great. Yet not everyone can avoid dental frustrations like missing and hopeless teeth. One way to restore a smile back to its natural beauty and functionality is with full mouth dental implants such as SmartFix® in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Thanks to the SmartFix treatment, people around the world can reclaim the confidence they lost when their teeth began to fail. To find out more about what SmartFix is and how it can restore patients’ smiles, read on.


What The SmartFix Treatment Experience Is

The SmartFix system offers adults who are missing a full arch of teeth an exciting, permanent alternative to traditional removable dentures. What sets SmartFix apart is the system’s reliance on a series of angled ASTRA TECH dental implants. The angled dental implants increases bone to implant interface, and is used specifically for patients with jawbone loss.

During the SmartFix surgery, the periodontist can strategically angle and place four to six dental implants into the patient’s jawbone. The exact number of dental implants needed depends on a number of factors, including jawbone strength. Once placed, the dental implants are ready to serve as strong anchors for an attached prosthetic.

The prosthetic is made of materials that mimic the natural look of teeth. If the patient has existing teeth, the prosthetic will be made to look like the shape, size, and color of those teeth so it blends in seamlessly. Since patients can walk out of their SmartFix surgery with a working temporary prosthetic, they never have to go without teeth. For a short time, they may have to eat softer foods and take extra at-home oral hygiene measures.

After the dental implant sites have properly healed, the patient will be able to eat what they want. And they never have to worry about their SmartFix moving. SmartFix dental implants and the prosthetic devices they hold are designed to stay in place permanently. As long as patients keep up with routine dental health checkups and cleanings, and maintain twice-daily brushing and flossing, SmartFix can last a lifetime.


Other Benefits Of SmartFix In Bloomfield Hills, MI

Having a new smile placed with angled dental implants for better bone to implant interface is not the only transformative, exciting advantage of SmartFix. Some of the other reasons that many patients have begun to ask for this system by name include:


The SmartFix system makes full use of a variety of advanced technologies to give patients predictable and long-lasting results.


SmartFix dental implants eliminate the need for dietary restrictions related to problems associated with conventional removable dentures or failing teeth.


The dental implants used in the SmartFix procedure stimulate the surrounding jawbone and slow down jaw structural changes related to jawbone loss.

Accessible To Countless Patients:

Some patients who do not immediately qualify for other full mouth dental implant treatments are able to qualify right away for SmartFix candidacy.

Highly Successful And Dependable:

When placed by a certified SmartFix provider, the overall SmartFix treatment success rate is at 92%.


It Is Time To Get Treated With SmartFix

Why spend every day disliking your smile when you could improve the health and appearance of your mouth in as little as one surgical appointment? Now is a great time to plan a visit with Dr. Lauren Anderson for your SmartFix treatment. Dr. Anderson regularly places SmartFix and has built her career on staying at the leading edge of a variety of periodontal processes and solutions, including those related to implant dentistry.

Ready to transform your smile with SmartFix? Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson and our team of professionals at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today!

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