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What Types Of Crown Lengthening Procedures Can I Improve My Smile With?

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a dental patient smiling at his new smile through a hand held mirror after his crown lengthening procedure.

While everyone would love to have great looking teeth that allows them to eat and speak with ease, many people have aesthetic or functional problems with their teeth that make it hard for them to show their smile. A well-equipped periodontal office will have various treatment options to correct both aesthetic tooth and functional smile imperfections with, including crown lengthening in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

In fact, crown lengthening can produce instant dental aesthetic and functional results. Continue reading to learn more about the types of crown lengthening procedures patients can receive to improve their smiles with.


Are There Different Types Of Crown Lengthening Procedures I Can Recieve To Improve My Smile With?

Patients can receive aesthetic crown lengthening procedures or functional crown lengthening procedures. The following is how each type of crown lengthening procedure works:

Functional Crown Lengthening:

Functional crown lengthening removes a small amount of gum and bone tissue, so the surface area of the damaged tooth is easier to see. This procedure exposes the damaged tooth so it can be properly treated. It also creates more tooth area to place a crown or filling on. It also restores functionality to the patient’s tooth.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening:

Aesthetic crown lengthening corrects patients’ gummy smiles by removing excess gum and bone tissue around the tooth. This aesthetic crown lengthening procedure gives patients a more balanced and better-looking smile.

What Are Important Facts To Know About Crown Lengthening In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

When people need to have a crown lengthening procedure to improve the look or function of their smile, they will want to know what to expect during and after their treatment experience. The following are important facts people should know about crown lengthening procedures:

Crown Lengthening Takes About An Hour To Complete:

Unless patients need more advanced sedation dentistry methods, they should be able to return to normal activities immediately after their appointment.

Crown Lengthening Can Make At-Home Oral Hygiene Simpler:

One advantage to crown lengthening is that it makes patients’ at-home brushing and flossing more effective and efficient. Without excess gum tissue, patients can keep their teeth and periodontal surfaces cleaner.

Crown Lengthening Recovery Is Rapid:

When patients go to a periodontal office that uses advanced equipment, such as dental lasers, they can expect a fast and dependable recovery after their treatment.


Explore Your Options To Receive Crown Lengthening In Bloomfield Hills, MI

When it comes to deciding on who can expertly perform aesthetic or functional crown lengthening procedures, always look for a board-certified periodontist with an exceptional reputation, like Dr. Lauren Anderson. Dr. Anderson takes a meticulous approach to all of her patient’s treatments.

These treatments include aesthetic and functional crown lengthening procedures. She is recognized for her compassionate care as well as her continuing investment in the most modern dentistry protocols and tools, including the use of dental lasers. Get in contact with Dr. Lauren Anderson and our exceptional team at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today!

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