Why Choose a Periodontist for Dental Implants? Bloomfield Hills, MI

Why Choose a Periodontist for Dental Implants?

How A Dental Implant Looks In Your Mouth

If you want a permanent tooth replacement that can bring back dental function and smile esthetics, dental implants are the right choice. Known for their longevity and natural appearance, dental implants can replace one, several, or all missing teeth, giving you a healthy smile for the rest of your life!


To ensure that your treatment is successful and provides you with these benefits, look for the expertise of a specialist. Meta-analyses and systemic reviews in the field establish the highest success rates when placed by periodontists and oral surgeons. Dr. Lauren Anderson is a board-certified periodontist and diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology with advanced training specifically in dental implants. While some general dentist place dental implants, choosing a periodontist like Dr. Anderson for your treatment has advantages, including:

Experts in gum disease treatment

Gum disease affects the health of the gums and jawbone, and as a common condition among patients, may disqualify them from getting dental implants. Periodontists are the experts when it comes to diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and other problems with the gum tissue and bone. These specialists can successfully treat gum disease and ensure their patients have healthy gums before placing dental implants.

Advanced training in dental implants

Dental implants are a surgical procedure, so having treatment completed by a specialist greatly reduces the risk of complications and implant failure. Periodontists like Dr. Anderson are also considered experts in dental implant surgery as earned in her masters training. They are also trained in more advanced techniques for patients who have more complex cases, such as severe bone loss or advanced periodontal disease.

The advantages of visiting Dr. Anderson

A board-certified periodontist, Dr. Anderson has years of advanced training in dental implants. She has also been placing dental implants for years, using minimally invasive techniques and guided implant surgery. Dr. Anderson also offers custom sedation and is certified to administer IV sedation. At her modern, comfortable practice you will enjoy a relaxing and predictable treatment.


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