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Why Should I Get A Bone Grafting Procedure In Bloomfield Hills, MI?

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a dental one graft on a bottom jaw.

It can be easy to forget the importance of the bones of your mouth. After all, you probably give little thought to your oral bone health. This is why many people are surprised to hear a doctor say that they need bone grafting in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

However, thanks to modern dentistry procedures and equipment, bone grafts can be done with minimal disruption to your everyday life. And once your bone graft site(s) have healed, your mouth will be healthier and able to receive dental implants.


What Role Does Bone Play In Dentistry And Your Oral Health?

Your teeth depend on bone to keep them stable. Your mouth depends on bone to form the shape of your face. When your oral bone starts to break down because of tooth loss, gum disease, or other conditions, you run several risks.

First, you may notice that the shape of your face starts to look less youthful as your gumline begins to “shrink”. Secondly, you may experience loose teeth because the bone is no longer supporting them. Without bone grafting, you cannot stop the progression of bone loss or reverse the damage that has been done.


How Does Bone Grafting In Bloomfield Hills, MI, Work?

All types of dental bone grafts strive to do the same thing: Boost the strength of your bone in a certain area of your jaw or around your sinus cavities. Bone grafts involve adding natural bone and/or synthetic material to the area of bone loss. Within a few months, the material fuses with the existing bone, creating a stronger, denser area of bone.

Bone grafting procedures are highly safe when performed by doctors who are well-trained in this area of dentistry. If you need a bone graft, you can expect it to take place at a doctor’s practice rather than at another location. That way, you get the advantage of a convenient experience. You get other advantages, too.


Beneficial Aspects Of Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone grafting can enable you to achieve your dental and smile goals. Below are just some benefits of bone grafting in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

  • You can receive dental implants. Dental implant surgery requires you to have enough bone density at the implantation site. Many people who were not candidates for dental implants became candidates after investing in bone grafting.
  • You can restore the natural look of your gums and face. When you lose bone, you may feel like your face looks tired or as if it is aging prematurely. A doctor can use bone grafting to augment and reshape your gum ridge, effectively changing the shape of your mouth.
  • You can save your existing teeth from loss. Without an intervention like bone grafting, your existing teeth will be at risk of coming out or failing.


Schedule A Bone Grafting Consultation

Do you suspect you have widespread bone loss in your mouth? Has a doctor told you that you could never be a candidate for dental implants because of your low jawbone strength? Get a first or second opinion with Dr. Lauren Anderson.

Dr. Anderson is a leading dental implant expert and the founder of Anderson Periodontal Wellness. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about bone grafting in Bloomfield Hills, MI. You may be closer to getting dental implants or recontouring your gumline than you thought! Call (248) 480-4910 to book your consultation.

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