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Why You May Need A Periodontist In Bloomfield Hills, MI

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a dental patient undergoing gum disease and gum recession treatment.

You have a family dentist, which is terrific. Why would you need a periodontist on your dental care team, too? A periodontist is a specialized type of dentist who can offer more expertise when patients have problems related to the teeth, soft tissues, and other structures in their mouth. In fact, having someone a patient can trust to handle their periodontics in Bloomfield Hills, MI, can help patients stay healthier throughout their life.

What types of concerns does a periodontist typically handle? Some of the most common conditions periodontists see include gum disease, gum recession, and tooth loss.


Managing Gum Disease Through Advanced Periodontics In Bloomfield Hills

Statistics indicate that millions of adults around the country have experienced or will experience gum disease. Gum disease occurs when unwanted bacteria grow deep in the gums. If areas of gum disease are not diagnosed and treated promptly, the bacteria will destroy the gums, the teeth, and the jawbone. Consequently, ignoring gum disease is never an appropriate response.

How does a periodontist help patients manage gum disease? The answer is through deep cleaning and other techniques aimed at getting rid of the bad bacteria. At our practice, Dr. Lauren Anderson and her team use high-tech equipment including safe, minimally invasive dental lasers to reliably treat gum disease without the need for invasive techniques.

Remember that gum disease has been linked to a variety of whole-body issues including some cancers, heart disease, and risk of diabetes. Therefore, seeing a periodontist is not just good for a patients’ mouth. It is good for their entire system!


Helping Remedy Areas Of Gum Recession

Many adults worry about receding gums as they age. To be sure, gum recession happens to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. In some cases, gum recession can even be inherited. Yet it does not have to become just a “way of life.” A periodontist is trained in procedures that restore the gums to a healthier state.

Why bother treating gum recession at all, though? The answer is that gum recession can be uncomfortable as well as problematic. Patients with gum recession often report a high degree of tooth sensitivity. In time, receding gums will expose more and more of the tooth, which can lead to excessive decay.

Dr. Anderson focuses on five main treatments for gum recession at her practice. Each one is well-documented and can effectively reverse gum recession.


Correcting Tooth Loss

Losing one or more teeth leaves the mouth incomplete. Yet tooth loss does not have to be a permanent condition. With the help of periodontics in Bloomfield Hills, MI, patients can get their smile back. All it takes is the placement of dental implants.

Today, it is possible for a periodontist like Dr. Anderson to replace as many teeth as patients are missing with single dental implants, full mouth dental implants, or implant supported dentures. This is good for a patient’s oral health because it allows them to eat what they want, as well as keeps their jawbone from losing density.

When trusting a well-respected and highly credentialed periodontist to place dental implants, patients can be sure that they are getting the best treatment possible.


Bring A Periodontist On To Your Care Team

Are you looking for someone to take care of your periodontics in Bloomfield Hills, MI? Contact Dr. Anderson at our Anderson Periodontal Wellness office to schedule an appointment today!

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