What is a CBCT Scan?

CBCT or “cone beam computed tomography” is a dental imaging technique used by the periodontist or oral surgeon for treatment planning and diagnosis.  More specifically, a CBCT scan can be used for implant treatment to determine how much room (bone) the surgeon has to place your implant and if there are any obstacles to work around (i.e. maxillary sinus, inferior alveolar nerve, bone undercuts etc.). This imaging technique can also be used to identify pathology found by clinical examination or by other imaging techniques. By knowing exactly where the anatomy is located, your periodontist can better perform your procedure and even plan the exact location of your implant before the day of the procedure.

An analogy for this technology would be to have a GPS or a paper map when camping. The GPS is more accurate and gives more useful data than a compass and paper map.  Although, CBCT imaging is not needed for every case, it is very useful for safe and accurate surgical procedures. Ask Dr. Anderson if this technique is indicated for your unique situation!

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