A look at Life with New Teeth

Losing permanent teeth is often a very difficult process to navigate, one that plays out over years or even decades. As the teeth slowly fail, things that used to give you joy may no longer do so. With full arch dental implants, however, you can have another chance at restoring your smile, one that you can count on. Take a glimpse at what your future could look like with replacement teeth anchored by titanium dental implants.

What Makes Dental Implants a Game Changer?

While conventional dentures rely on adhesives and suction to keep your replacement teeth in place, dental appliances fixed to dental implants will stay firmly in place – even when they’re tasked with getting through “chewy,” “fibrous” or “dense” things.

After proper multi-disciplinary planning, your periodontist will insert titanium screws into your jawbone in the same fashion that natural teeth take root into the same areas of the bone. Time is required for the implants to fuse with the bone. This is known as osseointegration.  Once your surgeon has verified stability, your general dentist will affix permanent restorations to the implant posts – the “abutment” will serve as the connector for each implant post and “cap” on your restoration. Dental implants can anchor implant-supported dentures, zirconia bridges and more.

Expand Your Diet

Extensive tooth loss can eliminate food items as simple and as common as sandwiches, steak or fresh veggies. For many people, conventional dentures just “don’t cut it”, quite literally, as this ages-old approach to replacing missing teeth is notorious for slipping out of place when eating and talking. However, with your replacement teeth supported by dental implants, each day is a new opportunity to get reacquainted with foods you used to enjoy.

Be Heard and Understood

Because your permanent replacement teeth will be anchored to dental implants, you’ll once again have the ability to speak with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your teeth won’t shift awkwardly in your mouth or agitate your gums.

More on Dental Implants in Bloomfield Hill, MI

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The Top 3 Benefits of Full Arch Implants

full arch implants

Full arch implants are a lot like dentures, only they are secured to your jaw with implant posts instead of being attached to your gums with paste. If you’re trying to decide between implants and dentures, it’s important to realize there are benefits to both options. Your periodontist can help you understand which option will fit your long-term goals and preferences better, but to help you make your final decision, here are three unique benefits full arch implants offer.

  1. Natural Look and Feel

When it comes to replacing your teeth with an option that looks and feels most like real teeth, nothing compares to dental implants. They are composed of three parts: implant posts, abutments and a prosthetic. The implant posts are embedded in your jaw bone and provide the final prosthesis with impressive strength. The abutment is attached to the top of the post and becomes the base piece for the attractive prosthetic piece. Once your surgical site has fully healed, your new implant arch will feel completely natural and comfortable.

  1. Prevent Bone Erosion

Most tooth replacement options aren’t able to prevent erosion in the jaw because they don’t provide stimulation to the bone. Implants are the exception to this rule. Since they literally become part of the jaw bone after they are placed, they strengthen it and stimulate it to prevent it from eroding.

  1. Dietary Freedom

No one likes to be restricted in their dietary choices, but some tooth replacement options aren’t sturdy enough to handle chewy, sticky and/or crunchy foods. Fortunately, full arch implants are so durable and reliable that they completely restore your dietary freedom. If you’re looking forward to enjoying corn-on-the-cob and other delicious foods this summer, now is the time to get your set of implants.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate

Some people may not be candidates for implants, so you’ll need to visit your periodontist for a consultation before scheduling your procedure. To set up an appointment with Dr. Lauren Anderson today, call Anderson Periodontal Wellness during regular business hours.