From Peri-Implantitis To A Clean Mouth, A Case Study!

Dental Patient Needing Treatment For Their Peri-Implantitis

Dental Implant With Gum Disease Before
Dental Implant With Gum Disease After

Gum disease can occur around dental implants when bacteria travels down the sulcus or “gum pocket” and causes bone loss.  Dr. Anderson saw our patient P.T. (83 yro female) above for minimally invasive laser gum treatment (detoxifies the implant) and completed a particulate (sand like) bone graft to fill and regenerate the bone defect. Please see the before and after treatment photos where bone has been regenerated by 3 “threads”. Not only did bone regenerate, the surface infection cleared and no longer drains from the gum interface.  When Dr. Anderson evaluates your unique presentation, a 3D CT scan is often taken to determine your response to treatment prior to beginning therapy.  This allows her to tailor your treatment plan and accurately project your response to therapy. After the peri-implantitis is corrected, a follow up protocol is presented to help maintain a healthy status in the future.

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