Soft Tissue Grafting to fix Tooth Root Sensitivities! – Case Study

Meet our patient MC who presented with sensitive roots on the canines.  Soft tissue grafting was completed via a single 5mm incision under the lip. In this “tunneling” procedure, grafting material and the gum are then moved over the roots and sutured. This minimally invasive surgical technique is ideal for this application as it restores the position of the gum and reduces the sensitive root from being exposed. Please see below for before and after treatment photos where tissue was moved down over the roots leading to improved anatomy, health and elimination of root sensitivity to tactile and temperature change.

If you experience sensitive roots or would like to restore lost gum tissue please reach out to our team at Anderson Periodontal Wellness (248)-480-4910. Dr. Anderson will meet with you and explore treatment options applicable to your case.

Dental Patient's Sensitive Teeth Before Their Soft Tissue Graft

Dental Patient's Sensitive Teeth After Their Soft Tissue Graft

Erosion and Tissue Repair

Meet our patient RC! She contacted our team at Anderson Periodontal Wellness seeking treatment to “cover [her] yellow roots and make [her] gums more even”.  For RC, an acidic diet rich in low pH citric fruits caused erosion of her exposed roots. In efforts to create better symmetry and to cover exposed roots, gingival grafting was completed on #9-11 (three teeth to the right of the midline above) to bring the gingiva (gum) apically (down). After 3 months of soft tissue healing, her general dentist blended the yellow surfaces with flowable fillings. RC is happy to reach a natural look, much like her smile when she was younger! For cases like RC, a multidisciplinary approach is critical to manage the “pink – gum and white – tooth” interface.

Contact Anderson Periodontal Wellness if you would like to learn more about the above.  During your consultation, Dr. Anderson will evaluate your smile and tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Case Presentation: S.O. Bone Graft Procedure

Dental Implant Placement

Meet our patient S.O., a 20 year old female. She was born with congenitally missing teeth in the lower jaw and as a consequence overt lost bone in these areas.  Dr. Anderson completed a bone graft procedure whereby a small piece of her own bone was taken from the symphysis (chin) and relocated to areas where dental implants were needed. S.O. was then able to receive dental implants to allow for greatly improved chewing, function, and esthetics. Please see above for anatomy before and after bone grafting procedures. S.O. was surprised by how significantly her quality of life improved after her periodontal work!

If you have bone loss but want to experience the benefits of fixed dental implants, contact Dr. Anderson to see if you are a candidate for this treatment or other minimally invasive grafting procedures. A comprehensive exam and 3D CBCT x-ray give Dr. Anderson the tools to customize your care!

Case Presentation: KL Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Graft

Meet our patient KL. She is a systemically healthy 50 year old female who presented to our office with the chief concern to “Please cover my roots, they are yellow and make me look older than I am. They are also sensitive to temperature change and my dentist recommended you to re-grow the gum back”.

After verbal interview and clinical examination, Dr. Anderson determined that the etiology or “cause” of her recession was aggressive tooth brushing on thin gingiva or “gums” which are more prone to recession than thick gingiva. To regenerate KL’s soft tissue over the roots, Dr. Anderson used a minimally invasive technique to harvest KL’s tissues from her palate or “top of the mouth” and transferred this tissue to the teeth with roots exposed. This technique, known as a sub-epithelial connective tissue graft, was chosen and tailored for KL’s unique case presentation due to the high predictability, long-term success rate and superior esthetics. KL is happy with her results, enjoys her “more youthful smile” and reports the hot and cold sensitivity has gone away after Dr. Anderson regenerated the soft tissue. KL is now maintaining her results with proper brushing technique and a soft toothbrush.

Please see below for before and after photos of soft grafting of teeth in the upper right (#3-7) with Dr. Anderson.

Connective Tissue Graft Before and After


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