The Top 3 Benefits Of Laser-Assisted Periodontal Treatments!

Dr. Anderson Showing Off The Gum Disease Treatment Technology, Biolase

Gum disease can be a bother if left untreated. Bone and gum degenerate when bacteria is left to fester under the gingival margin. Teeth become longer looking and mobile. Looking into gum disease treatments is a great place to start if you suspect you have a periodontal issue.

A visit to a periodontist like Dr. Lauren Anderson can help you find out if you have gum disease and how advanced it is. Even if advanced, you can still benefit from leading-edge solutions that make use of high-tech lasers with a minimally invasive approach.

How does minimally invasive laser gum treatment work? Dr. Anderson has invested in laser technology to make non-surgical procedures more effective and minimize the surgical approach to disease management. Specifically, the laser eradicates bacteria causing the disease without aggressive flap reflection. The BIOLASE® WaterLase Express™ and Epic X™ lasers are used at specific settings to address diseased or infected gum tissue. The result is a reduction of the periodontal pathogens, pocket length and a restoration of a healthy periodontium or mouth.


How do laser periodontal treatments benefit patients?

For years, patients have worked with their periodontists to manage their gum disease through invasive treatments that involve aggressive measures to approach the infection. Though these treatments are effective, they cause more significant discomfort, bleeding, and longer recovery times. Laser gum treatments have revolutionized oral care and given Dr. Anderson superior tools to address periodontal disease in patients of all ages.


Benefits you can experience from laser-assisted periodontal treatments include:

  • Minimally Invasive Approach. Lasers present an efficient, non-surgical way to shrink the extent and severity of your gum disease. If surgical intervention is needed, lasers can ensure that the surgery happens quickly with the least amount of trauma to the teeth, gums, and nerves.
  • Predictable Results. Once a patient with gum disease achieves stability, a hallmark of laser-assisted gum treatments, our team can help the patient maintain those results at home and during alternating maintenance cleanings with the general dentist.
  • Comfortable Experience. Patients report favorable experiences after laser tissue treatment compared with those who experienced traditional methods. The laser allows for a more conservative approach to surgery negating aggressive gum elevation, bone removal, and resective techniques.


People report feeling like they could smile openly again after being treated with compassion from day one. Even if you have had unpleasant dental appointments in the past, give yourself the opportunity to find out what makes our periodontal team different. At your appointment with Dr. Anderson and our team will familiarize you with the armamentarium we use to treat gum disease and walk you through the process. We can also discuss any other issues you may be having, such as the desire to permanently replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

Above all else, you can be sure that we will develop a tailor-made plan designed to leave you healthier, not just in your mouth but throughout your body. The oral cavity is a reflection of overall systemic health!

Setting up an appointment with Dr. Anderson’s to explore your options for gum disease is as simple as calling our office in Bloomfield Hills, MI at (248) 480-4910!

What Is A Periodontist And What Do They Do?

Dr Lauren Anderson - Periodontist - And A Periodontal Patient Talking

Should you seek out a dentist or a periodontist when you have a problem with your teeth and gums? It might seem like a strange question, but many people are confused about what makes seeing a periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI different than seeing another type of dental professional.

The term “periodontics” is an umbrella description for anything involving the teeth and surrounding structures like gum tissue and bone. All periodontists are dentists but not all dentists are periodontists. Periodontists like Dr. Lauren Anderson at Anderson Periodontal Wellness attend specialized graduate programs after dental school for further training in their specialty.

During these additional years of literature review, research, and surgical mastery, Dr. Anderson became an expert in periodontal disease, implants, gingival grafting, crown lengthening, among other presentations. Much of her practice has grown to help patients with tooth loss recover to normal function and appearance through the placement of dental implants.

If you need  gum disease treatment, are experiencing gum recession, require bone grafting, or want to explore dental implants, make an appointment with Dr. Anderson, our periodontist in Bloomfield Hills. If you have a different dental healthcare provider, you can still collaborate with a periodontist. In fact, many patients are referred to trusted periodontists by their family dentists.


What is the expertise of our periodontal office?

Now that you have a better understanding of what sets periodontists apart from other dental partners, you may wonder why you should pick Dr. Anderson and Anderson Periodontal Wellness. That’s easy: Her expertise and commitment to patients. Not only is Dr. Anderson a board-certified periodontist with a master’s degree in periodontology and implant dentistry, she is a proud third-generation dental professional.

Dentistry runs throughout Dr. Anderson’s family tree. She grew up loving the field working for her father and chose her career early on.  She decided to gain advanced  training to become a periodontist and now takes pride in her trade every day. Her passion is in making sure that every person who walks through the door receives state of the art personalized care, a listening ear, and integrity beyond all expectations. You can tell from the first moment you enter the office that you are receiving a world-class experience with world-class professionals.


What you can expect as a patient at Anderson Periodontal Wellness?

Businesses talk about core values yet few achieve the vision and mission they put forward. Anderson Periodontal Wellness is one of those few that takes the extra effort and time to truly make every patient get the periodontal treatment they deserve.

As a patient, you can expect:

  • To be treated like an individual… and maybe a member of the family! In the words of one patient, “Dr. Anderson is super kind, just a very warm person. You feel very comfortable, very quickly.”
  • To receive compassionate care! Another patient went on to say, “She made me feel like this was going be okay and that they were going be by my side the whole time. Felt like she was right next to me the whole time. She cared, and you don’t really get that from a lot of doctors.”
  • To be introduced to advanced treatment options: From low-radiation CBCT imaging and IV sedation, to laser dentistry and in-office guided implant surgery, Dr. Anderson is on the leading edge of technological advancements in the field of periodontics.


Are you looking for a Periodontist?

If you are seeking periodontal or implant therapy that is individualized just for you? Make an appointment to meet with Dr. Anderson, our office’s founding periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Contact us at (248) 480-4910 or schedule an appointment online.