Do You Need DNA or Genetic Testing?

DNA - Genetic Dental Testing

Testing can help your periodontist better determine the etiology or “cause” of your condition.  Advanced testing can provide information on bacteria, fungi, viruses and genetic markers that increase your risk for advanced oral and systemic diseases.

How does this work?

Testing is easy!  There are two testing methods depending on which test is required. 1. Patients rinse for 15 seconds with a saline solution, expectorate or “spit” into a vial which is then sealed and sent in for analysis. 2. A thin paper point is placed in the periodontal pocket or “gum pocket” for 15 seconds, then sealed and sent in for analysis.

Please see the above for example forms that are returned with your results. These results can provide recommendations on medications and treatment protocol tailored to your specific case. After you are treated, these tests can not only verify the stability status but detect a relapse prior to symptoms or deteriorating clinical signs.

Ask Dr. Anderson if you would benefit from bacterial, fungal, viral or genetic testing.

Dr. Anderson provides the following tests:

  • Bacterial: micro-IDentplus, MyPerioPath, MyPerioID, DNA DrugMap, OraRisk CT/NG
  • Viral: OraRiskHPV Complete Genotyping, OraRisk HSV, OraRisk HPV 16/18/HR
  • Fungal: OraRisk Candida
  • Genetic: Celsus One

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