What Is Gum Recession?

Gum Recession Before and After Treatment

Above, JR’s before and 1 year after tissue grafting with Dr. Anderson on lower front teeth (central incisors #’s 24 and 25).

Gum or what dentists refer to as “gingiva” is the pink tissue that surrounds your teeth. A thick band of gingiva is needed around all of your teeth for proper oral health. For a variety of reasons (aggressive tooth brushing, problematic anatomy, staggered teeth, bone loss, infection etc.), some patients experience gum shrinkage and become vulnerable to variety of dental issues.  Teeth look longer and gums look shorter. In most cases, periodontists can correct gums back to a stable level in about an hour. Results can be lifelong if taken care of properly.

Meet “JR”

JR is a 19 year old systemically healthy (ASA 1) female who presented to our office with sensitive lower teeth.  She and her dentist found that her lower two front teeth (central incisors 24, 25) were looking longer and experiencing gum recession. Note that the roots (yellow part) are exposed and there is very little pink tissue (gingiva).  In cases like JR, the gum recession will continue to get worse if not treated.  Please see above for before and one year post-op results from gum grafting (free gingival graft) with Dr. Anderson.  Note the increased pink gum (attached gingiva) that is needed for oral health and full coverage of the roots that is needed to reduce sensitivity. JR is now happy that her oral condition is now stabilized, her yellow roots are covered, and her tooth sensitivity is gone!

If you have been referred for or believe you may have gum recession, ask Dr. Anderson if you would be a candidate for the treatment that helped JR reach better oral health.

Schedule Consultation

5 Reasons to Make an Appointment with Your Periodontist

Smile with Mirror

Scheduling regular appointments with your periodontist is important because  the periodontist will be able to identify and treat abnormalities to help achieve optimal oral health.

Let’s explore some of the important symptoms to watch for when it comes to your dental health and needing to schedule an appointment with your Periodontist:

5 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with Your Periodontist

  1. Missing Teeth (Edentulism)
  2. Mobile Teeth (Periodontal Disease)
  3. Receding Gums (Gingival Recession)
  4. Bleeding Gums
  5. Gummy Smile (Excessive Gingival Display)

This list may seem obvious.  However, there are several people living with these types of periodontal symptoms and postponing treatment can lead to more serious health conditions.

If you are experiencing one of the periodontal issues described above please contact Dr. Anderson and her staff to see how they can help you improve your oral health.  Schedule an appointment by calling (248) 480-4910 today.