How Gum Disease Treatment Can Bring A Smile Back from the Brink

It is more difficult to smile when the gums or “gingiva” begin to change color, swell and recede exposing longer less esthetic teeth. Gum disease is asymptomatic and as a consequence, many people are unaware they have a gum infection that is leading to loss of bone and teeth.  Though gum disease can inflict irreversible damage, gum disease treatment from an experienced periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI can help restore your smile. Take a look at how gum disease treatment can help rebuild your smile.

Scaling and Root Planing

The film on teeth known as plaque eventually harden onto roots to form calculus under the gum reducing the efficacy of brushing and flossing. At this stage, a more involved teeth cleaning procedure is necessary to carefully remove the hardened plaque, the trigger for gum disease initiation. Left untreated, the bacterial plaque continues to cause bone loss and move even further down the root of the tooth. This creates bacterial pockets between the gum and tooth that leads  to bone loss in these locations.

Scaling and root planing, also known as a “deep cleaning,” targets calculus built up below the gum line. During the procedure, this hardened plaque will be carefully removed from the roots of your teeth. Subsequently, the roots of your teeth will be smoothed over so that the gums reattach uniformly and the depth of your periodontal pockets are reduced. In more advanced cases, minor surgical procedures are required to reach bacteria that cannot be reached during a scaling and root planing appointment.

Laser Gum Therapy

Laser gum therapy is a minimally-invasive solution for addressing gum disease. During laser gum surgery, Dr. Anderson will use a dental laser to eradicate pathogenic bacteria to help preserve the healthy tissue. The discomfort from the procedure is minimal and often times sutures are not required after the procedure is complete. There are cases that are suitable to laser with debridement and also those that require laser use with a surgical approach. Dr. Lauren Anderson will tailor your therapy to effectively address the disease using the least invasive option available.

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Laser Dentistry: Laser-Focused on Defeating Gum Disease

laser dentistry and gum disease

To address severe cases of gum disease, there isn’t a better combination than an experienced periodontist and traditional periodontal treatment. However, for less severe cases, there is a less invasive option for removing bacteria to preserve the healthy areas of the gums. Get to know laser dentistry and find out why you might opt for laser therapy for your next dental procedure.  Dr. Anderson uses the state of the art BioLase ER/CR:YSGG laser for various periodontal procedures to provide patients with a minimally invasive option.

Just About Pain-Free

With your periodontist using a finely tuned and highly accurate laser to carefully debride diseased gum tissue, you can expect a pain-free procedure and most commonly only mild pain and minimal bleeding at after laser gum therapy.

More Efficient

Armed with a dental laser, a skilled periodontist can precisely remove the etiologic factor of gum disease – pathogenic bacteria and associated toxins – they’re targeting.  Because of how precise and accurate dental lasers are, sutures are typically optional to adapt gum tissue into place after your procedure.


Although each patient has sight variations in anatomy and systemic health, most patients report a short recovery period after laser gum therapy making this procedure an appealing option. With minimal bleeding and need for stitches, many people recover from laser gum surgery in Bloomfield Hills, MI in roughly 24 – 48 hours.


Minimally invasive gum surgery is efficient, effective, nearly pain-free and it provides for a quick rebound after your procedure. It is important to keep in mind that in severe cases of gum disease conventional gum surgery is the most predictable way of reaching periodontal stability.  To keep laser gum therapy available as an option to manage your gum disease, be sure to stay in contact with your periodontist office to catch small problems before they grow into much bigger issues.

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