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How Gum Disease Treatment Can Bring A Smile Back from the Brink

It is more difficult to smile when the gums or “gingiva” begin to change color, swell and recede exposing longer less esthetic teeth. Gum disease is asymptomatic and as a consequence, many people are unaware they have a gum infection that is leading to loss of bone and teeth.  Though gum disease can inflict irreversible damage, gum disease treatment from an experienced periodontist in Bloomfield Hills, MI can help restore your smile. Take a look at how gum disease treatment can help rebuild your smile.

Scaling and Root Planing

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What Are My Options for Sedation Dentistry?

If you have dental anxiety, making an appointment to address your periodontal needs can be a challenge. These anxieties can become so severe that they make it difficult to follow through with your appointment or your treatment plan. However, sedation dentistry offers a way to help you leave your anxieties at the door and keep calm during your time in the chair.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

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What Factors into the Dental Implant Cost?

There are many variables that determine the cost of dental implants, yet there are many constants as well. The constants are based on the style of dental implants and replacement teeth you choose, while the variables will be based on your oral and overall health. Getting to know the constants and variables that factor into the dental implant cost can help you get a better idea about which style of restoration is right for you. Take a look at what will factor into the cost of your dental implants.

Weighing the Cost of Parts

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Implant-Supported Dentures: Above and Beyond Conventional Dentures

Most of us have heard about dentures and their imperfections for most of our lives, long before we would ever need to wear them. As time passes and dentures become a real consideration, patients try to hold onto failing teeth as it is hard to commit to wearing dentures for the rest of your life. But dentures have changed. Many of their shortcomings have been offset by dental implants, a permanent teeth replacement solution.

Take a look at implant-supported dentures and learn how they go above and beyond the performance and reliability of conventional dentures.

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Bone Grafting Goes Minimally Invasive

Much like how knee surgery of the past has been updated with a less invasive approach involving small incisions and laparoscopic tools, so has bone grafting for the oral cavity. Dr. Lauren Anderson is S.M.A.R.T (Subperiosteal Minimally invasive Aesthetic Ridge augmentation Technique) certified and trained by its founder Dr. Ernesto Lee. With this technique, Dr. Lauren Anderson is able to offer less invasive options to predictably regenerate lost bone. S.M.A.R.T. indications include bone growth prior to implant placement (congenitally missing teeth, ridge atrophy, trauma etc.) and jaw expansion for orthodontic patients who do not have adequate bone thickness to allow for tooth movement.  

bone grafting

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How a Periodontist Can Make You a Stronger Candidate for Dental Implants

It’s exciting- the prospect of having replacement teeth implanted, restoring both function and esthetics to your smile. But just a few simple words, “you aren’t a good candidate for dental implants,” can dash hopes of smiling confidently again and again enjoying foods you could no longer eat after losing your natural teeth.

However, a periodontist can offer you more advanced solutions to regrow lost bone and allow dental implants to be placed. These are some of the things an experienced periodontist in Bloomfield Hill, MI can do to keep your help you become a stronger candidate for dental implants.

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A look at Life with New Teeth

Losing permanent teeth is often a very difficult process to navigate, one that plays out over years or even decades. As the teeth slowly fail, things that used to give you joy may no longer do so. With full arch dental implants, however, you can have another chance at restoring your smile, one that you can count on. Take a glimpse at what your future could look like with replacement teeth anchored by titanium dental implants.

What Makes Dental Implants a Game Changer?

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Find Your Smile with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach!

full mouth rehabilitation implant

Full mouth rehabilitation done right! 

Meet our patient JG. JG sought out Dr. Anderson and our team to “improve the look and function of [his] teeth.” The upper right central incisor, “#8” was fractured, the bite collapsed over time, and the gum was of uneven contour. In working closely with JG’s general dentist, a comprehensive plan was developed to reach the chief concern.

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Laser Dentistry: Laser-Focused on Defeating Gum Disease

laser dentistry and gum disease

To address severe cases of gum disease, there isn’t a better combination than an experienced periodontist and traditional periodontal treatment. However, for less severe cases, there is a less invasive option for removing bacteria to preserve the healthy areas of the gums. Get to know laser dentistry and find out why you might opt for laser therapy for your next dental procedure.  Dr. Anderson uses the state of the art BioLase ER/CR:YSGG laser for various periodontal procedures to provide patients with a minimally invasive option.

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